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Keep your entire house cool or warm all from one central control unit.

Ducted air conditioning is common in the office, high rise buildings and other large commercial spaces and they are also a great solution for the family home.

A ducted air conditioning system will have a central location, like your ceiling space in your home or a plant room in a commercial building where the air is treated. This air is then distributed throughout the building using a series of insulated ducts that are directed to each room you want to maintain the air.

These systems are great for maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the building.

Is a ducted air conditioning system right for your Mitchelton home?

Choosing the best air conditioner can be a challenge. Why choose a ducted air conditioner?
The below information may help you decide if a ducted system is right for your home in Mitchelton


Split air conditioning systems are ideal for single areas and can be more cost-effective than ducted air conditioning when it comes to installation, particularly in existing homes compared to new home builds. These systems have two parts, an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit.

One thing a lot of our customers love about our ducted air conditioning is the fact that it is almost invisible. All that is visible in this system is the discrete vents in the ceiling or floor. This allows for more space in the room for furniture or artwork. 

Control over your rooms.

A great advantage of ducted air conditioning is that you can have far superior control over the cooling of your home. Not only will it allow you to control the temperature of your entire home from one central control panel, it is also possible, with certain models, to control separate rooms at the same time. This gives the ability to turn parts of the house off to save power, or even customise different temperatures for various rooms around the house.

This can make a ducted system a great choice for families. The option for different settings in different rooms means that one family member who loves to sleep in a cold environment with heavy bedding can while another family member can sleep with just a sheet!

Our intuitive control systems are easy to use and adjust, so it cannot be easier to keep the whole family happy at the press of a button.

Multi-Split systems allow you to cool up to nine rooms with peace of mind that your system is of the highest quality and standard. These systems are a good option if you lack space for multiple outdoor compressors or roof space for ductwork.

Efficient and cost-saving

Another interesting thing about ducted systems is that they can actually be far more cost-effective than split systems.
Yes, the initial install can be more expensive but a ducted system can have a longer service life but a ducted system can operate a lot more efficiently than the required split systems to cool the same area.
for example; In a home with 4 bedrooms and a living area it may require 5 split systems to cool the spaces. But with a ducted system, there is only one system maintaining the climate of the entire house, which in turn can have lower operating costs.


The final reason people may choose a ducted system over a split system is the fact that it runs a lot quieter than the hum you can get with a wall hung split system.
Because the ducted system is located in the ceiling space or under the floor away from the living areas, a ducted system is a lot quieter than a split system.

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