Best split system air-conditioner

Best Split System Air Conditioner


Choosing the best split system air conditioner for your home or business may feel like a daunting task.

This guide may help take some of the confusion out of choosing the right system for your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all for split system air conditioning systems. There are multiple factors that you need to take into consideration when selecting the system to suit your needs. Our experienced technicians have helped prepare this guide to help advise you on what factors you should consider when choosing the best split system air conditioner. We will walk you through choosing the right type of split air conditioning, selecting the size, understanding running costs, and how to compare brands for their features and prices.

There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself when considering purchasing an air conditioning system. Some of these are:

How big is your home, and how many spaces do you want to air condition?
What is your budget?
What are the ongoing/running costs of the different types of systems?
What features do you want to be included? (e.g. wifi/smart home controls and air purification technology)
Do you want both heating and cooling?

Once you have answered these questions, your best next step is to talk to a licensed and experienced air conditioning technician. A qualified tradesman who has spent years installing, repairing, and replacing air conditioning systems has a wealth of knowledge that just cannot be captured in one article. By getting the right advice, you can save yourself loads of time and money.


When it comes to air conditioning systems, size matters. A system that is too small will put undue stress on the motor and may result in a shorter life span for the system and inefficient running of the system resulting in a higher running cost. A system that is too big will also be inefficient and have higher running costs than is necessary for the size of the room/building being cooled or heated.

Running Costs

As discussed above, running costs are affected by the size of the system and the efficiency of the system. There are many different types of systems that are designed with high energy efficiency for the type of space being cooled or heated. Considering the star rating of the different brands can also reduce your long-term running costs.

Brand Comparisons

There are great sites like Canstar Blue that provide consumer satisfaction comparisons for different major brands and Government sites to help compare energy ratings but in our opinion, these sites should be used in parallel with asking the advice of an experienced and qualified technician who has worked with air conditioners of all types and brands. Our technicians have in-depth experience across all the major brands and types of systems from large commercial to small domestic units. They see first hand every day which systems stand up to the test of time and which ones tend to result in ongoing problems. Our recommendation is to call our office and talk to our local team who can help you choose the right system for your needs the first time.

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